Our Engagement For A Sustainable Future

Our curated gift boxes are not only beautifully made but they also offer a sustainable packaging alternative. Each wood box is built and assembled by hand in Quebec celebrating the craftsmanship of our local artisans. We make it a point not to use any cellophane plastic wrap in our arrangements and we are all for high-quality, authentic, natural and eco friendly packaging solutions.

We aim to reduce any superfluous wrapping and are working closely with our suppliers to achieve our goal. Small items and bulk products will be enclosed in natural cotton pouches of different sizes that will be perfect companions for your zero-waste shopping.

Our smaller kraft cardboard boxes are also made in Canada out of recycled and recyclable paper. We are proud to say that all of our packing materials can either be reused or recycled. We are equally proud to share that we have partnered with Le jour de la terre and its project Demain la forêt in collaboration with the David Suzuki Foundation aiming to plant hundred of thousands of trees in order to rebuild the Quebec forest of tomorrow.

For this project, L’Étiquette & Co. is committed to contribute a dollar in donation for every curated wood box order.

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